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Our mission is to create value for our customers through Reliability, Flexibility, Integrity, and Speed. We want to carefully design and manufacture furniture with respect for people, the environment, and the materials used. Our products are manufactured in a dignified environment with innovative and minimal use of resources. All the while respecting our own freedom and creative expression. We want every experience to be warm, worry-free, and comfortable through Respect and Trust. We want to create products that can be part of your living space and you can tell that this is a real Eye Catcher.


WE'RE A BIT DIFFERENT FROM MOST FURNITURE COMPANIES. Bart's passion is to bring his love of design into your home. His experience as a retailer, wholesaler, and Manufacturer informs his uncompromising quest for perfect proportions, sublime silhouettes, and unexpected details. Every piece in our collection—from the smallest item to the big cabinets — begins its journey in Bart's mind and then is carefully made by hand in our manufacturing units. And this craft-based approach extends to creating something really unique and beautiful. We have our own set up of offices and inspections in the respective manufacturing countries. We do what it takes to get it right. 


Our every product is handcrafted by an artisan in the country where it's made. We check each product 100% so that we can minimize quality issues. We try to ensure that we have a perfect blend of design and functionality in the products we make.


We give back to the mother earth what we take from her. We use an eco-friendly finish and all our packaging material is recyclable. Apart from this, we work with many NGOs in India for the upliftment of the poor through education, and large tree plantations are always done every year by I Catchers.

Your interior will speak about you. The space where you live will speak about you. So we try to make different furniture collections so that everyone can choose something out of that. Everyday is a chance to be better. We try to create new designs every month so that you always get something new.


All the great people
Bart Bockweg

CEO and CO-Founder

Gaurav Bhandari

COO & CO-Founder